Client Reviews

Dec 2017
My daughter and I were able to get court relief successfully in connection with a domestic violence case. Mr. Joshi was very helpful in planning our court case in a logical way. He was empathic to my issues and was available whenever I needed help with any specific point. He made sure I was confident in court and could provide rational answers to the defence to strengthen my case. My child and I can now start a new phase in life thanks to the team at Adv Shailesh Joshi. We are very satisfied with your breadth of expertise!

Revathy Rao


I couldn’t get good legal counsel from a couple of lawyers here in Pune for my divorce case. However, I was fortunate to come across Adv. Shailesh Joshi through his website. He patiently listened to my views in seeking a divorce from my husband. Right from building the case and filing the petition to arguing in front of a family court judge, his team has shown good legal aptitude. I am highly satisfied with the level of exemplary services received from the legal team at Adv. Shailesh Joshi. Keep it up!

Anshika Mathur


I want to express my heartfelt thanks to Adv. Shailesh Joshi for his services in my divorce and maintenance case. He has boundless energy and zeal to figure out how he can help me and my young son get maintenance from my husband. His arguments in front of the court were valid points and helped make my position stronger. I will be able to take much better care of my school-going son thanks to Mr. Joshi.

Richa Bedi


I can vouch for the legal acumen of Advocate Shailesh Joshi. He possesses one of the sharpest minds on the court and was instrumental in providing me a just ruling. He makes sure to work untiringly on all angles of a case and the judge ruled in my favour. As a result I could legally terminate a failed marriage in a proper way. Now that my past is behind me, I can look forward to rebuilding efficiency at my workplace.

Ketan Khandelwal


My daughter was stuck in a bad marriage decision. Because of this, she was made to suffer mental agony. When we applied for a divorce from her husband, we wanted to ensure that only the best lawyer take up our case. Hence, we approached Mr. Shailesh Joshi as he was quite well known within our circles. I now know why he is considered as one of the finest lawyers in India. The way he prepared the case was great. He always seems to know what argument and point the defence lawyer will make, and has a ready reply almost every time. I can say that he is an asset to the honorable profession of law.

Rashmi Khera