Legal Dissolution of Marriage including Mutual Consent Divorce Cases
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The Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act 2005
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Cases under the Dowry Prohibition Act, 1961
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Matrimonial statutes provisioning the issue of child custody
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10 Years of experience dealing with Family Law in 20 states of India

Family law in India attempts to strike a balance between tradition customs and modern trends, religious principles and just morals; and sacred emotions and legal rationale. But legal principles, norms and regulations have to be separated and codified. Family law in India is codified according to the different practices in different cultures and hence is a wide subject to practice and grasp on. There is a huge array of central statutes regulating the everyday practices of family and a divorce lawyer that has in depth understanding of the regulations becomes the top requirement. I am an advocate practicing mainly in the field of family law for over a period of a decade. Having worked in a total of 20 states of India I have acquired an experience of dealing with a wide range of clients with an even wider range of matters and concerns.
Divorce Lawyer Pune
In the Indian legal system the most valued quality is perseverance. The most efficient and swiftest way of handling cases is by staying committed to the clients and by tirelessly pursuing of the rights of parties and this is what I strive to focus on. I especially focus on divorce matters and am based at the Shivaji Nagar Court, Pune. Having gathered the goodwill of clients distressed with matrimonial law procedures I assure reasonable and precise legal advice and counsel that you are seeking.

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In my opinion he is the best divorce lawyer in Pune. I wanted to file Divorce petition before I fly to US and he throughout night worked to complete my divorce petition and tomorrow morning filed it. I never thought of it getting done so fast but his energy and enthusiasm to work is too good. With my good experience I am bound to say Adv. Shailesh ji you are really great.

Rajeev Kumar


Adv. Shailesh Joshi Sir is really a very cooperative and good person. Because of my matrimonial case I hired his services, he guided me , filed my case and provided updates properly about my case and he always supported me mentally and only because of his sincere efforts matters between me and my husband got amicably settled and we filed mutual consent divorce Petition to terminate our relationship. I really once again thank you Adv. Shailesh Sir !

Anisha Singh

Brand Manager

I wanted to file mutual consent divorce in Pune and hence I found some divorce lawyers numbers on internet because at that time I was in Malaysia and did not know any divorce lawyer. I contacted to few of them but after consulting with Adv. Shailesh Joshi I decided to hire his service because I found him very friendly person. He prepared my petition and emailed it to me and as per his commitment filed the Petition on time. I got really very happy because of his professionalism. Very few lawyers are as good professional as him. Hence I will say Adv. Shailesh you are the best divorce Lawyer.

Sunil Jalgaonkar


Adv. Shailesh Joshi is the best divorce lawyer in Pune not only because he has sound knowledge of law but also because of his good skill to handle the matter and to understand the exact problems of his client and his co operation and support while dealing my matter was beyond appreciation and most important thing is that he is fully devoted to his profession and always ready to help his client.

Akanksha Sharma


Sir you are doing a great job. Against anti male law, there are so many fear mongering lawyer who demand a huge amount for these type of cases... Hats off to you.

Arif Siddiqui

Real Estate Agent


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